Tuesday, June 4, 2024

From Chaos to Christ


Guest blog by Joe Kerwin, an elder at Pilgrim Church in Beverly, MA, who was honorably discharged after six years in the Marine Corps. Currently, he works for the Massachusetts state library system. The author of many poems and a worldwide traveler, he wrote this poem in the Kalahari Desert in Africa while on a mission’s trip. Joe would like to dedicate this poem to Pastor Ron Rossi of Grace Ministries, Saugus, MA, who talked with Joe “every Thursday night for two years solid” right after Joe became a Christian.

You slimy little devil, you’re slippery as an eel,

elusive as a parasite, a master of appeal.


Amazing, how you twist every single evil thought,

and make it look attractive, even though it’s really not.


By eluding comprehension, you make lies appear so real,

With the lure of easy money, you said, “just another deal.”


You keep me so confused with false hope, another lie.

You had me so convinced I was benevolent and kind.


Your reign of terror came with awesome wicked power.

Your evil had me hate every waking hour.


Late night was the time that you really liked to play,

with torture you would tell me, “You won’t live to see the day…”


Satan, you’re so evil, binding every noble thought,

making all that pain seem to me, as though it’s really not.


That fear that often came on, all throughout the night.

Your cold hard hand upon me, till I lost the will to fight.


Hell, you took my life, and you scarred it deep with gashes,

then pushed my life aside, like a pile of old burnt ashes.


You’ve had your chilly hand on my heart and on my soul,

for many, many, years, I was just your little troll.


My life was such a mess, I never could be free,

because I felt this awful curse would always follow me.


Thank you, God, for the saint You sent to me that day,

who said, “I know a Person who can show a better way.”


So, I knelt right there upon the street, before Jesus that day,

and asked for Him to take all my sin and shame away.


“See ya later, Satan! Your jig is about up!

Your deceit is stripped away! I’m wise to all your stuff!”


As I rose straight to my feet, in shock and in surprise,

my confusion now was gone, the clouds had left my eyes.


I felt no longer pain and guilt, I left the road I’d trod.

I said, “Goodbye!” to all my fear. I said, “Hello!’ to God.


I skipped on down a brighter street, yelling that I’m free.

That’s when I saw Satan, glaring back at me.


With eyes so full of hate, he slithered last away,

and scowled, “There goes my prisoner! Now he is a saint!”


Joe gives God ALL the glory and honor for restoring him back to sound mind and body! 

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